We believe strongly that values exist which are able to change the world in which we live.

We believe that our occasionally sombre (pessimistic) attitudes about life can be transformed when we discover and take on these life values.

We have seen this happen.

We have seen lives changed when people have succeeded in rejecting egotism and have involved themselves in serving the needs of others.  Life has taken on a different hue and the meaning of life has changed.

We believe
 we must struggle to become those who were made to be human.  And we believe we are not on our own in this struggle. None of us acting alone can change anything.  There is a need for much more.

We thank all those who have chosen to become involved with us in this change process.  There are so many. Youth volunteers, organisations from this country and further afield, large and small firms, banks and artists. Ordinary people and people with extraordinary gifts.

We thank God that He has let us know the truth of values and encouraged us to serve him through others.

How we do this may be hard for us to understand but it is a reality worth investigating.

Where can you find us?

New Generation Impact UK

3 Willow Drive, Durrington, Salisbury, WILTS, SP4 8DE,

Reg Charity No: 1107487

Telephone: 01980 594420


How can you get involved?

Donating toys, clothes, sums of money

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